Coral Energy is an energy commodity company
We trade and deliver energy products across 5 continents
Our primary goal is to build long-term partnership
with our customers based on complete client’s satisfaction!
Coral Energy links suppliers with consumers
We connect producers and end-users by using our knowledge, logistics and infrastructure
As active international energy trader Coral Energy source, store and deliver crude oil over different regions. Through integrated solutions and incorporated trading solutions chain of supply stays secure and at the same moment flexible.
What we do
Global network, operational excellence, risk management, financial support help us to ensure smooth journey for our deliveries from supplier to consumer.
Mission & Vision
We commit to organizational culture, that helps us to foster global presence through unique reputation.
We ensure smooth trade of a variety of products by structure, defined according to the services that we perform.
We go beyond risk management to increase shareholders’ value, considering communities and environment that we influence.
Headquarter of Coral Energy group locates in Dubai, UAE and has branches in Geneva, Istanbul, Kiev, Moscow, Minsk, Riga, Singapore. Coral Energy is looking to further expansion in the global commodities market and is open to new partnerships.