Crude Oil: Coral  PTE LTD possesses a strong position in the Black Sea and the Med crude oil markets and is an active participant in local supply tenders. We often structure our deals on back-to-back basis and thus mostly interface with producers on one side and large trading houses on the other.

Oil Products: Coral Energy markets oil products produced in regional oil refineries that are exported via many different major terminals located in the countries neighboring Black Sea We market and trade the following petroleum products:

  • Gasoline
  • Naptha
  • Gasoil
  • Heavy Gasoil/LCO
  • Fuel Oil/LSSR
  • Petroleum coke

Petrochemicals: We market and trade a wide range of petrochemical products among which the volumes for the following products are the largest:

  •  Base oils
  • Olefins (mostly propylene)
  • Aromatics (Benzene and Pygas)
  • 2-Ethyl Hexanol
  • Phthalic Anhydride
  • Butyl Acrylate
  • Polypropylene

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