Our Capabilities

An efficient trading operation requires a complete range of services, functions, and capabilities to be readily available within the organisation. It must have in place logistics, hedging, finance and other tools and solutions.

Coral Energy has in-house competences to perform all these functions and deliver on its obligations. It has logistics and infrastructure solutions which support its trade flows.

Throughput & Storage

Trading is about correcting imbalances – in availability and quality.

To ensure commodity availability in time, it needs to be stored in times of excess and released in times of shortage. To manage quality to meet the customers’ expectations and the strict national and global standards products a sophisticated blending capability combining knowledge and technical facilities is required.

A successful global hydrocarbons trading operation replies on an extensive network of terminals for throughput, storage and blending. Coral has strategic presence at 23 ports and 40 terminals, including:

  • Aliaga, Turkey
  • Riga, Latvia
  • Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • Ventspils, Lithuania
  • Singapore
  • Klaipeda, Lithuania
  • Novorossiysk, Russia
  • Dubendi, Azerbaijan
  • Sangachal, Azerbaijan
  • Kavkaz, Russia
  • Batumi, Georgia
  • Kulevi, Georgia
  • Nikolayev, Ukraine
  • Sillamae, Estonia
  • Yuzhiy, Ukraine
  • Tallinn, Estonia
40 Terminals At 23 Key Ports


Managing price and currency risks is key to commercial success and is a pre-requisite to preventing commercial failure.

Coral Energy has a very onservative price risk policy. To mitigate price risks at every stage in the supply chain our derivatives desk uses the whole range of tools available in the market – from basic futures to complex option structures. We aim to hedge every run – from oilfield by pipeline or from refinery by rail to the throughput terminal, from the terminal by vessel to the customer. Coral derivatives turnover volume follows the growth of our physical trading and reflects our multistage hedging activities.