Corporate Governance
& Compliance

Transparency, Accountability, Effective Reporting, Moral Integrity, Fairness and Security are essential to our business. These qualities are key in developing and maintaining productive relations with financial institutions, counterparties, and communities we operate in. As Coral Energy Group evolves, we put more effort into customer outreach and ongoing community dialogue.

We follow the rule of law and work with our partners in an honest, trustworthy and responsible way. Our Code of Conduct sets out our business principles and our core values, and promotes trust, openness, respect, and professionalism, as well as pride in what we do and how we conduct our business.

Coral Energy expects high compliance performance from its business partners as well. Our Compliance Procedure provides detailed guidance on how to be compliant with the industry standards, laws, regulations, and practices, to run the Know-Your-Own-Customer checks and to combat the illicit practices, helping our staff and counterparties to act right every day.

Our Corporate Governance and Compliance principles help us to meet the challenges we face and contribute to our ongoing growth and prosperity. They are promoted, operated, and enforced by our dedicated Compliance Team.