We source commodities from an extensive network of suppliers around the globe. Our sourcing geography covers the Middle East, the Med and North Africa (Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia), West Africa, Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan), Europe,   the Americas.

We deliver and distribute crude, petroleum products, petrochemicals, dry bulk commodities to refiners, major industrial and agricultural users in Europe, Middle East and Africa, India, Asia Pacific, the Americas.

A competent team of originators, business developers, traders and operators manage our relationships with crude producers, refiners and exporters and support the purchasing and sales operations.

Our Office Locations

Regional Footprint


We are very active in Europe – from Spain to Poland, from the UK to the Balkans and Turkey. Our key refinery and industrial clients are in Europe. We have a strong presence in the region in terms of trading, storage, office and admin support.


With a long track record of working with national and private oil companies in the Former Soviet Union, the Coral has made the FSU our key sourcing region. Coral take Kazakh, Turkmen and other FSU products to global markets, including Europe, Africa, MENA, the Americas and Asia Pacific.

The Americas

The Americas are the most recent addition to Coral’s global footprint. Coral sources crude from producers in Central and South America and supplies feedstocks to refiners and international majors operating in the US and Canada.

We view the Western hemisphere as a region of significant potential and we shall continue to develop our American business energetically, diligently and consistently.

Asia Pacific

We have been growing big in Asia Pacific. Coral supplies feedstocks to petrochemical companies, lifts petrochemical products from China to be delivered to Europe and serves the marine fuel bunkering market in Singapore through long-term partnerships with fleet owners, distributors and the largest bunkering companies of the region.


The energy market in Africa is developing, and so are our African operations. We deliver motor fuels to the continent’s economies and source crude and feedstocks there.

Middle East and North Africa

For us MENA is a sourcing region and a market of growing significance. Coral Energy sources crude, feedstocks from Middle East and North Africa and delivers motor fuels and petrochemical products to MENA.

We have a long term commitment to the region, and we are working hard to grow our Middle East and North Africa operations.